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Patrick Bellasi

I'm a Staff Software Engineer at ARM Ltd (Cambridge) working as a Linux scheduler specialist for the ARM big.LITTLE architecture, HMP scheduler maintenance and customers support. I cooperate also in the development of the Energy-Aware Scheduler (EAS) where I'm mainly in charge of research and development to target application-specific run-time power/performance optimizations.

Previously I've been a Post-Doc at DEI - Politecnico di Milano - where I was mainly involved with the EU sponsored 2PARMA project, focusing on run-time resource management for multi-many cores heterogeneous platforms.

I earned my PhD degree at Politecnico di Milano in 2009 working in tight collaboration with AST, the R&D division of STMicroelectronics, in the group of Diego Melpignano.
My PhD Thesis focused on dynamic power management at Operating System level, targeting mobile multimedia embedded systems.

Prior to that I earned my M.S. Thesis degree at the same University in 2005 and the high school degree in 1999 from the Istituto Tecnico Scientifico “E. Mattei”.

Research interests

My work interests are in the area of run-time systems, focusing especially on resources management and power/performance optimizations. I'm interested in understanding current and future application trends and characteristics to help develop efficient computation platforms in light of upcoming many-cores and heterogeneous architecture challenges like: power and resources management, task-scheduling, self-adaptive applications and multi-objective optimizations.

I've become keen in applying my background on dynamic power/performance optimizations in the Linux kernel, targeting real world applications and ranging from embedded Android systems to HPC distributed systems. Sometimes these optimization required a hardware-software co-design approach.

Because of my research experience and tight collaboration with companies like ARM and STMicroelectronics I've gained a hands-on view on the importance and practical aspects of power/performance optimization in mobile computing platforms like smartphones, which is the main domain I'm focusing upon.

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ARM Ltd,
110 Fullbourn Road,
CB1 9NJ United Kingdom (map)

mail address

patrick dot bellasi at arm dot com
patrick dot bellasi at gmail dot com
derkling at gmail dot com

instant messaging

I'm registered on all main social networks with the derkling nickname


UK Mobile: +44 77 9529 6331
IT Mobile: +39 347 3153808
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